Analisis Perilaku Konsumsi Menurut Perspektif Al- Ghazali (Studi Kasus pada BTM Surya Amanah Jombang)


  • Ismaul Faizah Program Studi Ekonomi Islam, Fakultas Ekonomi, Universitas Hasyim Asy’ari Jl. Irian Jaya No. 55 Tebuireng, Cukir Kecamatan Diwek Kabupaten Jombang


consumtions behavior, Al-Ghazali


Analysis of consumption behavior in society today is much contrary to the teachings of Islam, especially the analysis of consumption behavior based on the perspective of Al-Ghazali. Al-Ghazali has a thought about consumption behavior, that a Muslim must have a consumption behavior based on needs and intentions not on desire or merely obeying lust alone. Al-Ghazali divides the level of consumption of a Muslim into three levels, namely, dharuriyyah, the level of consumption which is the most important at this level of consumption is the highest level of consumption. If this level of dharuriyyah consumption is not fulfilled then there will be no prosperity for a Muslim and will cause damage and loss to the world and the hereafter. Hajiyyah, this level of consumption is a level of consumption based on the needs of a Muslim such as eating and drinking. Tahsiniyah, is a level of consumption based on the pleasure of a Muslim. Al-Ghazali hates this type of consumption, because consumption behavior like this can cause damage to humans and make people negligent in their obligations in the hereafth