Pendampingan Pembuatan Laporan Keuangan KSPPSAl-Amanah Sawocangkring Sidoarjo Menggunakan Metode CBR

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Norma Rosyidah - STAI An-Najah Indonesia Mandiri

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The development of cooperatives in Indonesia is rapid enough, one of which is a KSPPS where the members are women's associations in one area. One of the problems that hinder the success of KSPPS is financial management. The Community Based Research (CBR) method has found three problems namely non-performing financing, cannot conducting RAT, lack of knowledge and skills. Then some solution was found jointly between researchers and KSPPS administrators. The CBR method is research carried out with a commitment from the community to provide support, resources, and also involvement in the research process to produce research products that are beneficial to them and the researchers involved in the research process. The assistance provided by the researcher, based on the problems faced by KSPSS that are members of the Sharia Economic Forum (FES) organization of the Sidoarjo Regional Coordinator of East Java.

 Keywords: Mentoring, CBR, KSPPS, Financial Report