Peningkatan Ketrampilan Menyusun Laporan Keuangan Sederhana Melalui Pelatihan Berkelanjutan

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Aprih Santoso - Universitas Semarang
Sri Yuni Widowati - Universitas Semarang
Saifudin Saifudin - Universitas Semarang

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The majority of micro & small business entrepreneurs, Mranggen District, Demak Regency are not yet skilled in the field of financial management, especially preparing business financial reports. So far they have never received training on this matter, even though it is very much needed in the context of business reporting so that it can be accounted for and accountable. The purpose of this training is to provide knowledge and understanding as well as training on financial reports that occur in the business of micro & small business entrepreneurs, Mranggen District, Regency Demak PKM technique in the form of a participatory training approach is carried out through several steps of activities, namely: counseling, training and monitoring and evaluation. The result of PkM is that micro & small business entrepreneurs in Tegalarum Village, Mranggen District, Demak Regency have succeeded in increasing their knowledge, understanding and skills to prepare simple business financial reports.

Keywords: Balance, Profit and Loss, Capital, Finance, Business