Menulis Di Kalangan Guru Bahasa Indonesia: Sebuah Fakta Kepenulisan Guru SMP di Surabaya

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Arie Yuanita - Universitas Negeri Surabaya

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The PKM entitled "Training for Writing Scientific and Popular Articles for Middle School Teachers in West Surabaya" aims to increase the understanding/knowledge of junior high school teachers in West Surabaya about scientific and popular articles and improve the ability to write scientific and popular articles according to the correct rules. The target of this PKM is junior high school teachers in the West Surabaya area. The method used is the provision of material by using the lecture method from the presenters. The next method is through question and answer. Then, the procedure for implementing this training can be divided into several stages, namely the preparation stage, implementation stage, closing stage, and evaluation stage. From the evaluation results, it was found that the participant's articles did not have similarities or were not plagiarized from other articles after the plagiarism check was carried out but in terms of language there were still some errors in spelling and writing words.

 Keyword: Scientific Articles, Popular Articles, Indonesian Teacher